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Good morning dear earth. 
Good morning dear sun. 
Good morning dear rocks and the flowers every one. 
Good morning dear beasts. 
And the birds in the trees.
Good morning to you and good morning to me. 

- Betty Jones

This is the morning of your parenting journey. Nourishing the mama during the first six weeks post-partum. This is a celebration of Morning and Springtime. Rhymes, songs, and poems for little ones to learn. Rhythms to guide you. Spring stories. 


Who will come to my wee ring?
My wee ring
My wee ring
Who will come to my wee ring?
And make it a little bit bigger?

A celebration of the afternoon and Summer.  Essays on Summer Growth and the importance of transitions. Exploring the Four Temperaments. How to nourish the child's heart, mind and body. The quiet time of day. Hand washing rhymes. A healing basket. Hand play and games for motor development and more.  



Evening/autumn & winter

A star for you to wish on,

the sun so warm and bright,

the moon for you to wish on,

pleasant dreams good night..

A celebration of Evening and Autumn & Winter. Draw the family circle round. Moody bath time. Evening massage. Bed time routines. Thoughts on forgiveness. Time for personal renewal.